The New Standard for Proactive Risk Management

Introducing the risk analytics platform that surfaces potential issues with individuals. Make data-driven decisions with your trusted business relationships.

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How GoodLight Helps You Stay Ahead of Risk

A Risk-Flagging Service

GoodLight collects publicly available data and analyzes the information to assess risks posed by individuals, to proactively uncover anomalies.

The platform analyzes a variety of risk factors by monitoring data points, identifying changes and patterns, determining how they might impact your business. When an anomaly surfaces, we raise a flag that attention is required.

Powered by Continuous Data & Analytics

GoodLight is continuously monitoring and analyzing data from thousands of sources, surfacing insights you can’t get anywhere else, in near real-time. Context-aware analytics score the impact of an event and the potential for risk to the organization, giving teams the ability to make informed decisions that are data-driven.

Tailored to Professional Context

Risk factors vary with role, responsibilities, and industry. A retail associate has a different professional risk profile than a financial advisor, an elder care worker, or a ride-share driver.

We collect relevant information that matters for each role, understanding their different risks: financial, criminal, reputational, operational, compliance, and regulatory, aggregating them to a risk score.

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GoodLight alerts you if and when you’re are at risk, at scale.

No integrations required, and no overhead.
Start controlling the risk in your business relationships within a few minutes from setup.

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Illuminate the Unknown

GoodLight is reimagining how risk is assessed in business relationships, to help organizations preserve and protect their customers, employees, workplace, culture, assets, and reputation.

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Address Your Blind Spots

Never miss a potential warning sign, and add context from data to understand situations.

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Monitor for Risky Patterns

Understand how changes in people and situations affect your business, so you’re never surprised again.

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Protect What’s At Stake

Learn about issues before they escalate to cause significant damage.

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